Dec 24, 2019

SOLVED: Can an iPod Touch access internet without wifi The iPod touch (any generation) can connect to the internet only through wi-fi. I am not sure if a jailbroken iPod touch can connect through bluetooth or the dock connector on the bottom. Drastic times require drastic steps :-) Hope this helps, good luck. How to Jailbreak an IPod Touch : 7 Steps - Instructables Supplies: Here is what you will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch: An internet connection. A … How to Connect an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to WiFi If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) installed the wireless router or gateway, they might have left you a setup sheet which may have the credentials. Depending on what iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) and which generation you have, the menu theme and options might look slightly different on your screen. However, the steps should be

Most people know that the Apple iPod touch is the perfect way to carry an entire music collection in your pocket. While it’s true that the 256GB storage capacity is enough to house playlist after playlist, the iPod touch 7 is so much more than a simple MP3 player.

Why can't I connect to the Internet with my iPod touch

Now you have some of the best resources out there for getting music on your iPod Touch. Whether you are looking to download music from the internet and transfer it to your iPod or use one of the top 3 music apps for iPod, you are able to access the world of music from anywhere.

Or load iPod touch with songs you love from the iTunes Store. Learn more about Apple Music. More power to play with. iPod touch gives you an amazing gaming experience, thanks to the A10 Fusion chip. The action is smoother. You see greater detail. And everything feels more realistic. iPod touch: Everything You Need to Know