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Solved: site to site VPN goes down regularly - J-Net Community Feb 23, 2012 Juniper Networks NetScreen-5000 Series Data Sheet NetScreen-5000 Series firewall/VPN the clear choice for network security operations. The Juniper Networks NetScreen-5000 series is a line of purpose-built, high-performance security systems designed for large enterprise, carrier, and data center networks. Architected Android VPN to Juniper SSG - J-Net Community Anyone knows a good client for Android that works with SSG? The built-in VPN android client does not work for me. I am using Android version 6. Thanks for any answer, mkola . Everyone's tags (4): android. netscreen. SSG. vpn. 0 Kudos Reply. Message 1 of 8 (3,692 Views) All forum topics; NetScreen firewall [Root]system-information-00536

Integrating best-of-breed Deep Inspection firewall, VPN and DoS solutions, the Juniper Networks NetScreen-ISG 2000 enables secure, reliable connectivity along with network and application-level protection for key, high-traffic network segments.

The section below which is highlighted in bold shows the status of the vpn tunnel (left) and the status of the VPN monitor (right). In this case the VPN tunnel is active and the VPN monitor is dashed out as it isnt enabled. netscreen(M)-> get sa | i [peer ip] 00000007< [peer ip] … Juniper Netscreen to Sonicwall VPN Site to Site - Florida This post demonstrates how to create a site to site VPN tunnel between a Juniper Netscreen 50 and a Sonicwall Pro 2040 firewall. The examples below can be used with the newer generation firewalls such as the TZ-215. The menus may be arranged differently however, the settings remain the same. Global Information Assurance Certification Paper

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NetScreen-Global PRO, NetScreen-Global PRO Express, NetScreen-Remote Security Client, NetScreen-Remote VPN Client, NetScreen-IDP 10, NetScreen-IDP 100, NetScreen-IDP 500, GigaScreen ASIC, GigaScreen-II ASIC, and and the firewall and all VPN service become inoperative. DB9 Signal Abbreviation DTE DCE RJ45 1 Data Carrier Detect DCD In Out NC Configuring NetScreen Firewalls | ScienceDirect The NetScreen firewall product again bends the traditional look of a firewall by acting as a transparent device in the network, providing full firewalling features. Thus, the NetScreen firewall product line provides a complete selection of firewalling products that can cover any company's needs. A virtual private network (VPN) is a means of Tutorial IPSec Site to Site VPN between Juniper Netscreen Apr 28, 2013 NetScreen-5XP User’s Guide NetScreen-5XP v Preface The NetScreen-5XP device provides IPSec VPN and firewall services for a broadband telecommuter, a branch office, or a retail outlet. While at the entry level of the NetScreen appliance product line, the NetScreen-5XP device uses the same firewall, VPN, and traffic