How to access Internet browser settings

Jul 10, 2020 windows - Why does Chrome use the IE settings for Why does Chrome use the IE settings for connection ? If i change proxy setting in one, it is automatically changed in another. How can i have different setting for each browser ? Note: For firefox i'm able to set independent proxy setting. IE Version: 8.0.7061.17514 chrome Version: 29.0.1547.76 m Nelnet Student Loan FAQs - Options, Repayment and More Instructions for setting up cookies on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge are provided below. Keep in mind, browser versions vary, so these instructions might not be the exact steps you need to take to enable cookies for your personal computer and browser setup. cant find internet options on chrome Jul 22, 2012

This method shows you how to Disable/Enable Internet Options from Command Prompt. Please perform the following steps: Please go to Pearl button (Start) and click on the Search programs and files For more information about the change from Start to Pearl button click here.

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