If you do not wish for the User Logon Script to be processed every time a user connects via VPN on the same day, you can set the Minimum Run Interval to a higher value. For instance, if you set the value to 1,440 mins, the User Logon Script will be processed only once a day. Specify Logon script execution timeout in minutes, by default it is 5 min.

vbs login script over vpn keep runing in background Jul 07, 2020 How To Assign a Logon Script to a Profile for a Local User Apr 16, 2018 Cisco AnyConnect - Running 'Logon Scripts / OnConnection Solution 1. First make sure you have your script, I’m using a simple batch file but you can also use .vbs. As you can see my 2. To ’embed’ this script into the firewall, log into the ASDM > Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Network (Client) 3. The script wont run unless scripts are allowed

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Jul 16, 2020 · As the name says, user-logon, the GlobalProtect is connected after a user logs on to a machine. When this is used with SSO (Windows only) or save user credentials (MAC) , the GlobalProtect gets connected automatically after the user logs into the machine. The idea behind user-logon is to have the user 'always' stay connected to GlobalProtect.

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Configure Logon Script to Map the Network Shared Drives When User is Logged in through Smart Access Mode . Instructions. Follow the Below Steps . 1. Create a Session