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VPN Network Design - Cisco Community Re: VPN Network Design I like the 3030 solution for remote access and business offices. Also, you can define groups and filters to restrict extranet acccess to a few or a single server. You might look at the 3002 for the business offices tying back to the 3030. DigibitUK – Digital Agency / Development / Hosting / VPN D igibitUK is a UK Based customer first Digital Agency that provides a range of services including our award winning VPN Service built from the ground up for streamers / Web Hosting / Web Development / Branding / Web Design / SEO. We also offer bespoke solutions, Get in … Device Placement > SSL VPN Design Considerations | Cisco Press

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When you design your SSL VPN solution, it is important to understand this and choose the right access method for the right purpose. Here are some general considerations: The reverse-proxy-based method is the most ubiquitous access method and is good for almost all users.

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Performance and Scalability > SSL VPN Design Performance considerations for an SSL VPN design are a bit different from those of the IPsec-based VPN because of the multiple technologies that the SSL VPN features. When you try to determine the performance of an SSL VPN appliance, you need to be clear … VPN Designs | Overview of VPNs A partially-meshed VPN design addresses the disadvantages of a fully-meshed VPN design. With a partially-meshed design, not every VPN device has a VPN connection to other VPN devices. One example of this design is a hub-and-spoke design, shown in the right-hand part of Figure 1-9. This is a very common design in corporate networks. About Azure VPN Gateway design | Microsoft Docs