Editing Truecrypt Hidden Volume's Outer Volume? Ask Question Asked 6 years, 10 months ago. Active 6 years, 10 months ago. Viewed 261 times 4. 1. I just created a tor hidden (plausible deniability) volume. I used a 32GB USB flash drive, for the outer volume, and made the inner volume 20GB. Does this mean that I can safely add another ~12GB of

Jun 08, 2012 disk encryption - VeraCrypt/TruCrypt - I can't understand Since TrueCrypt advertises its ability to create a hidden volume and encourages its use (and that's stating it mildly) the government is right to assume that a hidden volume … Creating a VM within a hidden truecrypt partition A dynamically allocated file will be fine - your space is already allocated during the TrueCrypt hidden volume creation process. Now you will set the location of the file. Put it in the volume mounted by TrueCrypt (remember, this is automatically your hidden volume because you used the hidden volume password when you mounted the file in TrueCrypt).

Protection of Hidden Volumes Against Damage. If you mount a TrueCrypt volume within which there is a hidden volume, you may read data stored on the (outer) volume without any risk. However, if you (or the operating system) need to save data to the outer volume, there is a risk that the hidden volume will get damaged (overwritten). To prevent this, you should protect the hidden volume in a way

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