Kurdish is a language of the Northwestern Iranian group which has likely separated from the other dialects of Central Iran during the early centuries AD (the Middle Iranian period). Kurdish has in turn emerged as a group within Northwest Iranian during the Medieval Period (roughly 10th to 16th centuries). The Kurdish people are believed to be of heterogeneous origins, both from Iranian

Jul 22, 2020 Kurdish MPs Archives | Gagrule.net Most Kurdish members along with Paylan will then be arrested on trumped-up charges. Most probably Erdogan plans to announce new parliamentary elections, hoping the AKP will win additional seats vacated by the HDP, giving him enough votes in Parliament to amend the Constitution and establish a powerful autocratic presidential regime. Traditional Kurdish dress - an endangered style? | Rudaw.net The total cost of a normal Kurdish costume is between 40,000 to 150,000 Iraqi dinars ($33-$125). While a Maraz outfit which is made of goat wool costs up to 500,000 Iraqi dinars ($416). SHARE ON Kurdish Female Fighters/ YPJ - Home | Facebook

The Kurdish experience in Iraq: Lessons for Rojava

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The National Organization of Kurdish Youth (SOZ) (Kurdish: Rêxistina Niştimanî Ya Ciwanên Kurd), Arabic: المنظمة الوطنية للشباب الكورد (سوز) is a politically independent Kurdish youth organization active within Syria, founded in October 2013. Its stated aims are by peaceful means to construct democracy in Syria, to defend human rights and civil society, and to