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The AD server NIC queries it's own DNS server first for information, then if the local DNS server doesn't know, it queries the external internet servers for the information. Assuming a Windows AD network, all PCs should ONLY point DNS to a whatever DNS your AD is using, if you don't, the PCs won't be able to find local resources. May 25, 2010 · That’s because the out-of-the-box router/firewall acts as both a DHCP server and DNS relay. The DHCP server assigns a unique private IP address like “” to each device on your local network (which is often called a “subnet”, but here I’ll call it the “LAN”); the DNS relay forwards requests for any internet address Next, we need to configure the router with a public name-server, this will force the router to perform recursive DNS lookups, in other words, for every request it receives from our workstations the router will try to find the answer by asking as many DNS servers it needs, and finally return with an answer: I am sorry but I am old and slow. I want to change my Primary-Secondary DNS on my Nighthawk 7000P Rounter. But I swear after I have logged in to my router with my password, I can not find this on Basic or Advanced settings. Called myself ckicking on all links but do not see "Use these DNS SERVERS" a

I have a secondary router. I plug it into the gateway just like you would a computer. Change the DNS on the secondary router and you are done. I use a Sophos XG router I built using an old computer. It also has built in filtering so that even if you override the DNS settings on the computer, it is still filtered.

Consequently, use the DNS lookup tool to find the IP address of a certain domain name. To clarify, the results will include the IP addresses in the DNS records received from the name servers. How DNS Lookup Works. The Domain Name System, otherwise known as DNS, is a key component of the Internet.

Dec 27, 2018 · Determining a Linux or Unix/macOS computer’s DNS Name or IP address. Check out related media. The following video tutorial shows you how to find out your dns server IP address assigned by an ISP router or dhcp server under Linux or Unix operating systems using both command line and graphical user interfaces:

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