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Final draft submitted to Heads of Medicines Agencies Human (HMA-h) for information ; 21-23 October 2015 . Revision 2 adopted by the EMA Management Board . 16-17 December 2015 . European Medicines Agency policy on access to EudraVigilance data for medicinal products for human use Solved: The Total Charge A Battery Can Supply Is Rated In The total charge a battery can supply is rated in mA⋅hmA⋅h, the product of the current (in mA) and the time (in h) that the battery can provide this current. A battery rated at 1000 mA⋅hrmA⋅hr can supply a current of 1000 mAmA for 1.0 h, 500 mAmA current for 2.0 h, and so on. Iowa Department of Transportation

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