#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use IO::Socket (); use LWP

Jun 06, 2013 VB.NET Socket Select for Reading If the socket became ready for ' reading because the remote peer disconnected and there is no ' data available, then nothing will be read. The socketSet object ' will automatically remove a disconnected socket from its internal set of sockets ' the next time SelectForReading or SelectForWriting is called. PHP: socket_read - Manual

A Channel is meant to behave like a socket, and has an API that should be indistinguishable from the Python socket API. Because SSH2 has a windowing kind of flow control, if you stop reading data from a Channel and its buffer fills up, the server will be unable to send you any more data until you read some of …

The Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol service either could not read the SHA256 certificate hash from the registry or the data is invalid. To be valid, the SHA256 certificate hash must be of type REG_BINARY and 32 bytes in length. SSTP might not be able to retrieve the … Forums - Failed backup from client error 19:599 Mar 28, 2012 [stunnel-users] Error detected on socket (read) file

Jul 06, 2015

View Configuration > Servers > Security Servers > select your server, set the secure tunnel, and secure gateway to the hostname you're connecting to. ( If greyed out, check the same settings on the connection server it's paired with. Chapter 18. Troubleshooting An attempt to read from the tunnel was made, but the tunnel in question has already reached the end of stream (the connection is closed). This is mostly an informative error, and can be ignored. read/write socket error - Unix Apr 09, 2007 Sample Code Illustrating a Secure Socket Connection The example SSLSocketClientWithClientAuth.java is similar to Running SSLSocketClient, but this shows how to set up a key manager to do client authentication if required by a server.This program also assumes that the client is not outside a firewall. You can modify the program to connect from inside a firewall by following the example in Running SSLSocketClientWithTunnelling.