Configure only one peer unit for each logical interface. For example, unit 0 cannot peer with both unit 1 and unit 2. To enable the logical tunnel interface, you must configure at least one physical interface statement. In addition to logical tunnel interfaces, you can also use physical interfaces to connect and route between routing instances.

Configuring a Tunnel Interface - TechLibrary - Juniper A tunnel interface is a doorway to a VPN tunnel. VPN traffic enters and exits a VPN tunnel through a tunnel interface. [SRX] How to create a Secure Tunnel (st0) interface in J To configure a secure tunnel (st0) interface, perform the procedure below (an st0.0 interface will be created). Via the CLI. set interfaces st0 unit 0 family inet address . Via J-Web. Go to Configuration >Device setting . Click Interfaces > Ports. Select Filter by "Interface type" "st0" and Click "Go" Understanding Logical Tunnel Interface - Juniper Networks

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Jul 06, 2010 · The tunnel crosses two AS's, neither of whom claim to be blocking anything. And Juniper: Interface Admin Link et-1/3/0 up down et-1/3/1 up down et-1/3/2 up down

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