How do I run 2 wireless networks off of one cable modem

Apr 05, 2019 Connecting 2 routers to 1 modem - January 2018 - Forums - CNET Jan 10, 2018 How to connect and have two separate networks with 1 modem Jul 10, 2014 Solved: Two Routers off same phone line? - BT Community I run a small net work and would prefer to keep them separate. I have an old router, is it viable / legal to install a phone line splitter with a microfilter on each and have two routers running off the same phone line. That way I can give them the login password for one router and keep the …

Apr 13, 2020

A wireless router makes it possible for you to connect devices to the Internet without having to run ethernet cables all over your house. You can surf the Internet on your laptop from the couch to find the recipe you want, and move to the kitchen to start cooking without having to unplug or otherwise disconnect from the Internet. Can I connect two routers to one cable modem? What type of Customer: What about connecting two routers to one cable modem. I trust your answer but I'm a little gun shy having had so much problems with the other two routers so just in case I would like to keep and use my old router for my laptop while allowing my new router to be availble for other tasks. Apr 13, 2020 · Yes, it is possible to use two (or even more than two) routers on the same home network. The benefits of a two-router network include: The benefits of a two-router network include: Support for more wired devices : If the first router is the wired Ethernet kind, it supports a limited number of connected devices (typically only four or five).

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Can i have two routers connected to one modem